Gateway from the Urban chaos

Recreation is a must needed source for productivity and effective outcomes. To keep going with the daily hectic urban lifestyle everyone needs some kind of fun in their life. Annual Picnic, family day out, corporate day out or concerts are the things that every people hoping to enjoy with their loved ones, colleagues or friends throughout the year.

To enjoy this gate away from city life ‘Fantasy Kingdom’s the best solution that people need. What could be better than a day starting with a stress-free morning, exciting rides, lunch with co-workers, playing and winning games and ending the day with a BBQ party? All these can be possible inside of one place which is Fantasy Kingdom Complex

Fantasy Kingdom Complex is Bangladesh’s first world-class theme park. Fantasy Kingdom Entertainment complex consists of Fantasy Kingdom, Water Kingdom, Heritage Park, Xtreme Racing and Resort Atlantis. The Fantasy Kingdom was designated as a tourist spot by the Government in 2002. It is not only the place that has only rides for recreation, unlike other parks. Besides the main attraction of the Fantasy Kingdom which are Dry parks, Water Kingdom, Heritage Park and extreme Racing the complex has many more facilities which provide one-stop solutions for all sources of recreation and entertainment and these features made Fantasy Kingdom complex different from others.

As the Fantasy Kingdom is a place for recreation for people of all ages and groups so they have many options and services along with the rides. Corporate peoples, many reputed and renowned organizations, Banks, Multinational Companies choose the Fantasy Kingdom to arrange their Corporate Day out or Annual picnic to escape a day from monotonous daily life. People can enjoy and arrange live entertainment like: Corporate Day Out, School picnic, Meetings, Seminars and Events, Wedding Party, Birthday Party, Concerts, DJ Shows and last but not the least BBQ Party.

To arrange these events Fantasy Kingdom Complex has various Facilities like Convention Hall, Party centre, Restaurants, Resorts. Fantasy Kingdom Complex Includes:

Convention Hall:

  • Lia Convention Hall & Restaurant
  • Party Centre Convention Hall


  • Lia Convention Hall & Restaurant
  • Ashulia Castle
  • Water Tower Cafe
  • Aqua Restaurant


  • Resort Atlantis

Other Facilities:

  • Live BBQ Station
  • Stages with proper sound systems for Cultural Programs
  • DJ Shows
  • 3D Movie theatre

Alongside these Convention Hall and Restaurants people also can hold their program in the Heritage Corner, Skill Zone, Parking C which have the capacity of a large number of people.

Fantasy Kingdom Complex also provide a wide range of food menu including Chinese food items and people can also have buffet option if they want for a large number of people. All the arrangements are made by the operations team of Fantasy Kingdom so the clients do not have to take any hassle. All they have to do is provide their information of the events they want to arrange and book the suitable food menu and place of their choice.

Water Kingdom

Corporate people have many recreational activities to do along with enjoying the rides. The Fantasy Kingdom have enough equipment to arrange a variety of Games like Musical chair, Pillow passing game and game of your choice.

So, if you want to spend proper quality time with your colleagues and co-workers without worrying about going to separate places for separate purposes then you have Fantasy Kingdom Complex to lean on. Just call on the number that is mentioned on Fantasy Kingdom’s website to book for your desired events and spend a day without worrying about the work.


Celebrate your valentine’s day at Fantasy Kingdom

There’s no better place to spend Valentine’s Day than at Fantasy Kingdom theme park and there are so many ways to enjoy that Fantasy Kingdom fantasy. To help you plan that perfect day with your loved one, Fantasy Kingdom suggests these ideas to take your valentine to a whole new world.

If you both have an appetite for more than just romance, head over to your favorite Fantasy Kingdom theme park for a day full of dry rides, water rides, racing, dining and luxurious stay at Resort Atlantis. No matter whether you’re roaming around the world or dining all day in a fine dine restaurant having Crispy Chicken, Mexican Foods, Italian Foods, Turkey Legs etc. you know you’ll be in for a thrill & delicious of Fantasy Kingdom date.

Izzy Dizzy, Roller Coaster, Giant Splash & 9D VR rides are the perfect spot to kick back and enjoy a flying wave of thrill and romance together.

Stop by your favorite water café restaurant in the park and enjoy a delicious pizza or to bring the Fantasy Kingdom’s delights at home with you or you can have ala carte lunch/dinner with mouthwatering food at Lia Restaurant and Ashulia Castle Restaurant.

Once you’ve loaded up with thrill, fantasy & romance from all over the park, make sure to take pictures of your fantastic moments.

Create some memories together by taking some photo fun through your favorite Fantasy Kingdom theme park. Try getting pictures with all your favorite characters-Ashu, Lia, Zuzu, Bobo & Bangasour, pulling silly poses on in-ride photos, and taking photos wearing matching mouse ears. At the end of the day, you’ll have a perfect collection of memories from a fantastic date!

It’s not a photo date without a picture in front of a landmark of Fantasy Kingdom, so get ready and stop by the Fantasy Kingdom main gate and create some memories to carry home which will give you pleasure while looking into those.

A photo frame from your theme park of choice will be perfect for displaying that sweet picture of your day.

No matter which park (Fantasy Kingdom, Water Kingdom, Heritage Park or Xtreme Racing-Go Kart) you visit, you can always find time to take a selfie with Ashu & Lia.

No Fantasy Kingdom thrill-seeker’s day is complete without having a ride in the roller coaster & magic carpet or two and also a fun bumping in the Crazy Bump, a water splash in Giant splash, an exciting race with Xtreme Racing-Go Kart or riding the rapids down in the slide world at Water Kingdom, dancing in the wave pool with wild wave, dance in the dancing zone, floating with the tube at lazy river, you’ll be sure to experience heart-racing thrills & fantasy.

Fantasy Kingdom T20 World Cup 2021 Quiz Winners


Fantasy Kingdom Quiz-1 Winners
SL Name Mobile No./ Email
1 Saykat Raihan 8801306660707
2 Sayed Muedul Islam 8801780110227
3 Abida Sultana 8801752612995
4 Sagor Talukder 8801940855529
5 Mithu 8801781132191
Fantasy Kingdom Quiz-2  Winners
SL Name Mobile No./ Email
1 Md. Nayem Sikder 8801811220781
2 Srutika Samapti [email protected]
3 Ayon Datta [email protected]
4 Labonno Khan [email protected]
5 Shathi Rahman [email protected]
Fantasy Kingdom Quiz-3  Winners
SL Name Mobile No./ Email
1 Abdullah Al Masud 8801640780713
2 Md Shohel Rana 8801300823065
3 Nur Jahan 8801755373431
4 SA Brishty [email protected]
5 Anjana Chakraborty [email protected]
Fantasy Kingdom Quiz-4 Winners
SL Name Mobile No./ Email
1 Arafat Hossen [email protected]
2 Tanvir Hasan [email protected]
3 Azim Uddin Khan 8801862594545
4 Tanjil Tamanna Toma [email protected]
5 Wamia Ferdous [email protected]
Fantasy Kingdom Quiz-5 Winners
SL Name Mobile No./ Email
1 Meher Baishakhy [email protected]
2 Moniruzzaman Limon 8801782122346
3 Sajol Mondol 8801611435155
4 Hasibul Islam Al Amin [email protected]
5 Tariqul Islam Emon [email protected]
Fantasy Kingdom Quiz-6 Winners
SL Name Mobile No./ Email
1 Tofayel Ahammed [email protected]
2 Mehede Hassan 8801922454417
3 Md Sakib Mahmud 8801977213048
4 Airin Badhon [email protected]
5 Shuvo Deep [email protected]
Fantasy Kingdom Quiz-7  Winners
SL Name Mobile No./ Email
1 Mehedi Hasan Polash [email protected]
2 Imtiaz Mahmud Abu Kayes [email protected]
3 Mehedi Hasan 8801757752429
4 Mahbub Alam Rayhan 8801875926890
5 Lokman Himu 8801926913606
Fantasy Kingdom Quiz- 8 Winners
SL Name Mobile No./ Email
1 Monowar Hossain [email protected]
2 Abu Rayhan Islam Rubel [email protected]
3 Rakib 8801840937498
4 Afsa F. Wahid 8801717558398
5 Shakil Hassan 8801301060625
Fantasy Kingdom Quiz- 9 Winners
SL Name Mobile No./ Email
1 Siam Rahman 8801821429371
2 Juwel Albe 8801787703515
3 Md Mosahrof Hosen 8801722931780
4 Asibur Rahman [email protected]
5 Nuruzzaman Sajnit 8801754684311
Fantasy Kingdom Quiz- 10 Winners
SL Name Mobile No./ Email
1 Md Mizan 8801644369607
2 Sahed Shaad 8801670782124
3 Feroj Ahmed 8801911331699
4 Gopal Ghosh Tonmoy 8801643272963
5 Sree Britty Roy 8801764804632
Fantasy Kingdom Quiz-11 Winners
SL Name Mobile No./ Email
1 Md Nahidur Rashid 8801303195369
2 Swarnali Orin 8801960975609
3 Md Emtiajul Khalil 8801786870871
4 Asm Sayem [email protected]
5 Eyakub Ali Rajon 8801924630022
Fantasy Kingdom Quiz- 12 Winners
SL Name Mobile No./ Email
1 Ariyen Orvin Xafi 8801889095790
2 Antu Dev Nath 8801852170081
3 Rahman Sajibur [email protected]
4 Nur Nahar Akther [email protected]
5 Md. Ibrahim Khalil [email protected]
Fantasy Kingdom Quiz- 13 Winners
SL Name Mobile No./ Email
1 MD Akter Patwary 8801715334545
2 Afrin Sahed Nisha 8801912163599
3 Shahidul Emon [email protected]
4 Muhsin Siddiquee 8801765371892
5 Kazi Rashedul Islam 8801312398866
Fantasy Kingdom Quiz – 14 Winners
SL Name Mobile No./ Email
1 Sahedul Islam Sumon 8801841530706
2 Mohammad Ismail 8801923450789
3 Ashutosh Chakraborty 8801686221178
4 Md Nafizul Islam 8801781235616
5 Md Sk Al Amin 8801940284154
Fantasy Kingdom Quiz – 15 Winners
SL Name Mobile No./ Email
1 Touhidul Islam Shimul [email protected]
2 Habib Biswas 8801723113365
3 Samsad Basar Sami 8801864434505
4 Uchchhas Hasnain [email protected]
5 Tanjim Ahmed Nirob [email protected]


Congratulation Winners !!! You will get SMS or Email from fantasy kingdom very soon. The winner has to show the Sms/ Email to the information counter of Fantasy Kingdom Complex.  30 days validity will be available from the SMS/Email date.

Theme Park Fun Activities at Fantasy Kingdom

10 Theme Park Fun Activities at Fantasy Kingdom

Fantasy Kingdom is the largest and first Theme Park in Bangladesh. It is one of the country’s most magnificent amusement parks and a popular tourist destination. South Asia had never seen an amusement park built of this magnitude before. To get amused in the world of fun, imagination, devotion, and the magical world of Ashu and Lia, the sculptors have brought this world of entertainment and thrills to reality. It’s currently a popular spot for group trips, picnics, and corporate or family outings.

Fantasy Kingdom started with Prince Ashu, Princess Lia and their animal friends Zuzu, Bobo, Zipper and Bangasaur who are always at the park welcoming everyone with a smile. Oh and they have many games for you!. According to legend, the residents of Prince Ashu’s realm had forgotten how to smile, and the mystical Kingdom was lost many years ago. After then, it mysteriously resurfaced in Ashulia many years later. Fantasy Kingdom is a lot of fun, interesting, and lots of smiles! Ashu and Lia, as well as their zany pals Zuzu, Bobo, Zipper, and Bangasaur [a Bangladeshi dinosaur! ], will shake your world.

This Fantasy Kingdom offers a variety of entertaining activities for visitors of all ages. It includes a variety of activities that will provide you with a pleasant experience that will never tire you. Come let us know what can we do here in a day!

1. Roller Coaster: For the lovers of heart-thumping adventures, the roller coaster will take you on the ride of your life-giving you an aerial view of the entire park.

2. Xtreme Racing- Go Kart track: Xtreme Racing is a world-class Go-Kart track next to Fantasy Kingdom in Ashulia. It is the first of its kind in Bangladesh.

3. Wave Pool: Wave Pool is a tidal wave of pleasure. On this massive half-million-gallon wave pool with three-to-four-foot waves, guests may either body surf or float up and down in inner tubes.

4. Bumper Car: At Fantasy Kingdom, electric bumper cars are a great success. Put this ride at the top of your Fun Guide’s list and get behind the wheel right now.

5. Heritage Park: Discover the rich history and culture of Bangladesh in Heritage Corner, you will be amazed at the replica monuments and thrilled by the rides. Visit our Heritage Park page.

6. 9D VR: 9D games are the next-generation technology offering game lovers a remarkably immersive experience bringing the latest technology into reality.

7. Resort Atlantis: This is an Escape to a fabulous resort in a location where spectacular landscapes, historical wonders, magnificent environment, and adventurous rides promise to create memories for a lifetime.

8. Ferris Wheel: When you’re on the Ferris Wheel, you feel like you’re on top of the world. Take your own gondola-shaped cabin to new heights while looking out over the entire park.

9: Magic Carpet: Bangasaur’s favorite ride. A maximum intensity ride that will knock your socks off. Don’t eat before getting on this one!

10. Santa Maria: You’ll know how those poor sailors felt on the seven seas – they must have been SCARED!

BONUS !!!!!

Zuzu Train: Everyone can climb aboard this colorful train, just the right size for youngsters and their families, to take a mini-tour of the park.

This is not all there are attractive packages available at the park that include meals, presents, entertainment, and transportation to and from the park. There are also facilities for organizing a conference, annual general meeting, or any other company event, a birthday, wedding, or any other family celebration, a picture session, or a film shoot. This is a full-day retreat that will bring you delight and enjoyment while filling your life with adventure, relaxation, and happiness.

We invite everyone to their magical world for an unimaginable experience. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram.