Fantasy Kingdom Amusement park's Head Office

Fantasy Kingdom Amusement Park is the first and the best amusement park in Bangladesh, where you can enjoy a variety of thrilling rides, attractions, and activities. We are located in Jamgora, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Fantasy Kingdom’s Head Office is in Gulshan Avenue, where we manage and operate our park and resort.

Head Office Contacts

Phone: 01969-910100

Email: [email protected] 

Address: 7th Floor, Concord Centre, Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka – 1212, Bangladesh.

Operation Hours: 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM, Sunday – Thursday.

What We Do at The Fantasy Kingdom Head Office

Our head office is the hub of our business, where we plan, design, and execute our strategies and operations. We have a team of dedicated and professional staff, who work hard to ensure that our park and resort are safe, clean, and fun for our visitors.

This office is also responsible for the following functions:

Our park and lodge are advertised on our website, in print media, on social media, and at events. For customers’ birthday parties, business events, group trips, and resort reservations, we also have a number of packages and discounts available. As part of our goal to give the best service possible, we also answer questions and deal with customer comments.

Our team is in charge of our money matters, like taxes, audits, income, and spending. Balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements are some of the financial records we make and look over. We also make sure that we follow all of the rules and laws that apply to our business.

The people who work for us are the most important part of our business. We hire, train, and keep them. Incentives and perks like pay, bonuses, insurance, and training are also given to them. Plus, we take care of office supplies, payments, and keeping track of attendance.

To make sure that our rides, attractions, and buildings are safe and work properly, we fix and keep them. We also improve and add to our park and lodge so that our guests can have new and fun experiences. International rules and standards for entertainment parks’ safety and quality are also followed and instruct here.

Contact Us

We are always happy to hear from you and welcome your suggestions and feedback.

We hope to see you soon at Fantasy Kingdom Amusement Park, where you can escape the ordinary and enter the extraordinary!