Best Place for Corporate Gathering at Fantasy Kingdom

The Fantasy Kingdom is an all in one entertainment venture for all recreational activities in Dhaka. Apart from world-class dry park rides, the Water Kingdom, Heritage Park and Xtreme racing for go-karting will leave you awestruck.

Unlike machines, humans need recreational breaks from time to time for the good hormones to work properly. After a hectic week at work, we all want a space to vent out our exhaust and have a delightful time. Fantasy Kingdom is the best place for corporate gathering that can rejuvenate us back to life to start it all over again.

Even finding out a good recreational spot that offers both adventure rides and relaxation opportunities for corporate day out can be quite troublesome these days. Thinking of starting a day with a refreshing morning followed by exciting rides, soulful lunch with coworkers, having fun, and ending it with a BBQ party? All of that is now available at one spot, Fantasy Kingdom.

The international standard theme park, Fantasy Kingdom, is located in Ashulia, Savar, along with its three other wings: Water Kingdom, Heritage Park, and Xtreme Racing. There is also Resort Atlantis on the premises for a pleasant night’s stay. In 2002 the Government declared the park a tourist spot open for all.

Unlike any typical theme park, Fantasy Kingdom has marked its name higher with its out of box services ideas. In the Fantasy Kingdom, Water Park, Heritage Park, and Xtreme Racing offer more than just some mere rides which makes them unique in the industry.

Moreover, it is the best place for any sort of corporate outing or picnic spot. Many huge corporate conglomerates, renowned organizations, banks, or multinational companies have chosen the Fantasy Kingdom several times over the years for their corporate day or annual picnic. This is their trusted place to get rid of the monotonous daily life.

Other than the exciting rides at the park there are services dedicated to a corporate day out, school picnics, meetings, seminars and events, wedding parties, birthday parties, concerts, and DJ shows along with BBQ parties at the premises. To execute them properly they have included facilities like a convention hall, party center, restaurants, and a resort.

In the Fantasy Kingdom Complex one can find:

  • Party Center Convention Hall
  • Lia Restaurant & Convention Hall
  • Ashulia Castle
  • Water Tower Cafe
  • Aqua Restaurant
  • Resort Atlantis

The other facilities include

  • Live BBQ Station
  • Separate Space for cultural programs
  • DJ Shows
  • 3D Movie Theater

Other than these Convention Hall, Restaurants, or Party Center one can also arrange their picnic or other programs in the Heritage Park, Parking C, or Palki (a seating arrangement for picnics or parties). All these places are designed specially to have the capacity for a large number of guests.

The exclusive restaurants at the Fantasy Kingdom premises offer a wide range of cuisines around the world. There is also an option for buffet service for a large number of people in these restaurants. The good part is that the host does not have to go through any hassle to arrange the program, everything is precisely done by the operation team of Fantasy Kingdom. All they have to do is to provide the information and decide on the menu and place.

For the corporate events alongside the rides, there are also arrangements for other fun activities. Upon requisition, the operation team can arrange for a variety of games like musical chair, pillow passing, cup games, or any other game of your choice.

Your search for a corporate day out venue with various recreational activities under one roof ends here at the Fantasy Kingdom. Have a fun day with corporate colleagues and co-workers leaving the worries to reach different destinations for different activities. Visit the official website of Fantasy Kingdom and book the date now!