Gateway from the Urban chaos

Recreation is a must needed source for productivity and effective outcomes. To keep going with the daily hectic urban lifestyle everyone needs some kind of fun in their life. Annual Picnic, family day out, corporate day out or concerts are the things that every people hoping to enjoy with their loved ones, colleagues or friends throughout the year.

To enjoy this gate away from city life ‘Fantasy Kingdom’s the best solution that people need. What could be better than a day starting with a stress-free morning, exciting rides, lunch with co-workers, playing and winning games and ending the day with a BBQ party? All these can be possible inside of one place which is Fantasy Kingdom Complex

Fantasy Kingdom Complex is Bangladesh’s first world-class theme park. Fantasy Kingdom Entertainment complex consists of Fantasy Kingdom, Water Kingdom, Heritage Park, Xtreme Racing and Resort Atlantis. The Fantasy Kingdom was designated as a tourist spot by the Government in 2002. It is not only the place that has only rides for recreation, unlike other parks. Besides the main attraction of the Fantasy Kingdom which are Dry parks, Water Kingdom, Heritage Park and extreme Racing the complex has many more facilities which provide one-stop solutions for all sources of recreation and entertainment and these features made Fantasy Kingdom complex different from others.

As the Fantasy Kingdom is a place for recreation for people of all ages and groups so they have many options and services along with the rides. Corporate peoples, many reputed and renowned organizations, Banks, Multinational Companies choose the Fantasy Kingdom to arrange their Corporate Day out or Annual picnic to escape a day from monotonous daily life. People can enjoy and arrange live entertainment like: Corporate Day Out, School picnic, Meetings, Seminars and Events, Wedding Party, Birthday Party, Concerts, DJ Shows and last but not the least BBQ Party.

To arrange these events Fantasy Kingdom Complex has various Facilities like Convention Hall, Party centre, Restaurants, Resorts. Fantasy Kingdom Complex Includes:

Convention Hall:

  • Lia Convention Hall & Restaurant
  • Party Centre Convention Hall


  • Lia Convention Hall & Restaurant
  • Ashulia Castle
  • Water Tower Cafe
  • Aqua Restaurant


  • Resort Atlantis

Other Facilities:

  • Live BBQ Station
  • Stages with proper sound systems for Cultural Programs
  • DJ Shows
  • 3D Movie theatre

Alongside these Convention Hall and Restaurants people also can hold their program in the Heritage Corner, Skill Zone, Parking C which have the capacity of a large number of people.

Fantasy Kingdom Complex also provide a wide range of food menu including Chinese food items and people can also have buffet option if they want for a large number of people. All the arrangements are made by the operations team of Fantasy Kingdom so the clients do not have to take any hassle. All they have to do is provide their information of the events they want to arrange and book the suitable food menu and place of their choice.

Water Kingdom

Corporate people have many recreational activities to do along with enjoying the rides. The Fantasy Kingdom have enough equipment to arrange a variety of Games like Musical chair, Pillow passing game and game of your choice.

So, if you want to spend proper quality time with your colleagues and co-workers without worrying about going to separate places for separate purposes then you have Fantasy Kingdom Complex to lean on. Just call on the number that is mentioned on Fantasy Kingdom’s website to book for your desired events and spend a day without worrying about the work.