5 Reasons Why Fantasy Kingdom Complex is the Best Amusement Park Near Dhaka

Whenever we picture an amusement park we see vast open space, various rides, delicious food, and uncountable facilities. But what if I tell you there is more to an amusement park that can truly amuse the people visiting? Fantasy Kingdom Complex has set such an example right on the edge of Dhaka.

Fantasy Kingdom came into being back in 2002 and since then it has been the best theme park existing in the nation. There is a list of factors for such an honor but we are discussing here 5 reasons why Fantasy Kingdom Complex is the best amusement park near Dhaka.

One Place for All-Age

Why Fantasy Kingdom Complex is the Best Amusement

That’s right, Fantasy Kingdom is a place where there is something for everyone. The park is designed to delight people of all ages. There are more than 20 rides for both adults and kids. Adults can enjoy Roller Coaster, Bumper Car, Magic Carpet, or Santa Maria whereas for kids there are Speed Way, Sky Hopper, Sun & Moon, Pony Adventure, etc.

If I tell you that it’s not just one theme park but a collection of four distinct parks, don’t be surprised. Fantasy Kingdom Complex offers rides for both kids and adults. Water Kingdom provides thrilling water rides. At Xtreme Racing, you can experience adventurous track racing. And Heritage Park helps you connect with our heritage and culture.

Place for Relaxation 

The most unique attraction of Fantasy Kingdom Complex is that they go over the top to provide services to their visitors. It takes a whole day for any visitor who wishes to enjoy all the rides at Fantasy Kingdom Complex and Water Kingdom. So it becomes obvious for them to look for a place to stay the night before they can get back to city life.

With this view, Fantasy Kingdom has an affiliated resort comprising 60 rooms named Resort Atlantis where the visitors can stay the night. The resort features all the modern amenities, and our attentive staff ensures every detail is taken care of for our guests.

Designed to Amaze

One of Fantasy Kingdom’s unsung heroes is the design of the park. The entire complex covers a vast expanse of land. However, designers meticulously scrutinized the park’s design. There is a grand entrance gate at the park, the great attractions lie on the other side.

The rides are not too far away from each other, so you will not get tired just by moving from one side to the other. There are shades at every corner of the park for the people to take a break from the scorching heat. The whole park is under surveillance cameras and park authorities are roaming everywhere to stop any criminal activity from taking place.

The Thematic Touch

A successful theme park has to have a theme, to begin with, something that would amuse the visitors and also be thrilling. The theme of Fantasy Kingdom is to take us back to the land of dinosaurs which is informative to the elders and attractive to the youngsters.

The age of Dinosaurs is the central theme of Fantasy Kingdom. On every corner of the park, you would see statues of dinosaurs and other animals of the Age of Dinosaurs. There are also statues of little kids wearing ancient clothes to improvise the theme.

Something for the Hungry Tummies

No great time is truly complete if not accompanied by appetizing food. The Fantasy Kingdom caters to the food requirements of people of all tastes. There are particular locations both inside and outside the complex to provide the visitors with their choice of food.

There is Lia Restaurant and Convention Hall right outside the theme park where you can have food from various cuisines. Or you can devour the Thai and International menu at the dinosaur-themed restaurant, Ashulia Castle Restaurant. Even in-between rides you can taste their mouthwatering spicy fried chicken, burgers, and fries at the Roller Coaster Station.

There are surely more than only these 5 reasons why Fantasy Kingdom Complex is the best amusement park near Dhaka. The location, attraction elements, weather-friendly structure, security speculation, etc. contribute to the cause. If you are planning on having an amazing experience with your friends and family go visit Fantasy Kingdom Complex as soon as possible.