5 Activities for Spending the Holidays at Fantasy Kingdom

Picking up a place to spend holidays has always been trickier for me than the actual preparation. To find a place where I can spend time with family or friends that too while enjoying various fun activities is quite a search. Luckily, we have Fantasy Kingdom just on the outskirts of our city, Dhaka, ensuring us a one-spot go-to place for all recreational purposes. Based on my latest visit there, here are 5 activities for spending the holiday at Fantasy Kingdom.

A holiday means a break from work and that break requires relaxation but the kids at home are more into a thrilling adventure for their holiday plans. So I booked rooms at the Resort Atlantis just beside Fantasy Kingdom Complex and set our itinerary for an adventurous yet relaxing trip.

We reached the resort at ten in the morning and enjoyed our complimentary breakfast. Not only was it delicious, but also the quantity was enough to keep our tummies filled till lunchtime. After we were done with breakfast we headed to our second activity, the park visit.

The best perk of Resort Atlantis is that the visitors get free tickets to the dry park and the water park along with their resort room bookings. Starting with the water park visit we spent hours having fun on the water rides. The doom slide was one of a kind. For a more soothing experience, I spent most of the time at the Family pool. The cherry on top was that it was the weekend and so we could also enjoy a DJ party at the Water Kingdom.

We had our lunch at Lia Restaurant and Convention Hall, an affiliated restaurant with Fantasy Kingdom. I must admire the menu at the restaurant, it has something for everyone. But I most liked their Chinese Items. The spicy and savory meal was heartwarming for us.

In the second half of the day, we explored the dry park. I was amazed to see their collection of rides at the park. For the adults, they have Roller Coaster, Bumper Car, Magic Carpet, Santa Maria, etc rides. My favorite was the Zuzu Train, it has a nostalgic touch to it. And the kids enjoyed Speed Way, Highway Convo, Happy Kangaroo, Moving Tower, etc. rides.

Watching the sunset from the Ferris Wheel was definitely the best decision for this trip. Watching the sun go down from that height was mesmerizing to watch. Then we also visited the Heritage Park, those small monuments of our nation’s historical places strengthened our bond with our roots.

The night was magical for me and my family as we spent it doing a BBQ on the court side. Enjoyed some indoor games that took me closer to my family, and added extra value to our trip. The night stay was pleasant and comfortable but we had to leave in the morning. Overall the 5 activities for spending the holiday at Fantasy Kingdom were worth it. I highly recommend paying a visit to the Fantasy Kingdom anytime you can manage.

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