5 Details to Know Before Coming to Fantasy Kingdom

Details to Know Before Coming to Fantasy Kingdom

Planning for your first trip to Fantasy Kingdom Complex? Maybe it has been a while since the last time you have been to the park. In a case like this, you must know the nooks and corners of the park for a vacation of the fullest enjoyment. Here is a list of 5 details to know before coming to Fantasy Kingdom about what you can expect here. This guide covers information on transportation, the best dining in the area, packing details, and tips for visiting with family.


Fantasy Kingdom Complex is situated in one of the most unique locations in the country. Right on the edge of the capital, Dhaka city, the park entertains all the necessary transportation systems within reach. You can reach there on your private transportation or hire a bus for larger arrangements such as picnics or other social gatherings.

The park is located within the limits of the city which makes it easily accessible by all. But it is a long way from the city hustle keeping the park premises aloof from the bustling chaos. For this very reason, this is considered the best amusement park near Dhaka.


It will be news for you that Fantasy Kingdom Complex has added a brand new staycation facility in the park premises, Resort Atlantis. It is a three-star resort that incorporates almost 60 rooms for the visitors to have a night stay. On top of that, the resort residents get free tickets to the dry park and water kingdom.

With breathtaking views of the park, the rooms at Resort Atlantis contain all the luxury utilities. The resort also offers a complimentary breakfast. 24/7 room service, Wi-Fi facility, ensuite geyser, and air-conditioned rooms all are available here at Resort Atlantis.

Modern and stylish

Fantasy Kingdom Complex is a 20-year-old project but the looks of it are ever-new. The rides at the park are world-class, therefore even after serving for all these years the park still has its new glow. Spreading through a vast piece of land, the park radiates the vibes of a modern amusement park.

An amazing blend of modernism and traditional touch is the Fantasy Kingdom. The park is split into a dry spark, a water park, a go-kart track, and a Heritage Park. The dry park and the water park both are popular for their amazing rides. Xtreme Racing is the first and the best Go-kart track in Bangladesh and Heritage Park embodies the miniature monuments of the historical places of our nation.


Water park

One of the finest attractions of the Fantasy Kingdom Complex is the Water Kingdom. It is a specialized water park loaded with exciting water rides. The visitors of the park can enjoy all the cool rides like the wave pool, tube slide, doom slide, lazy river, rocking zone, etc. If you visit the park on Friday or Saturday you can enjoy a DJ party as well.

The specialty of the park is such, that it is fit for all ages and demographics. There is a separate playing zone for the kids and other members of the family. The more thrilling rides require certain age restrictions to maintain safety measures.

Multiple dining options

Fantasy Kingdom Complex is an all-encompassing entity. Not only vast seating arrangements and picnic spots, but the park also includes multiple dining options. Therefore it is easier for the visitors to keep energized throughout their whole day visit to the park.

Right beside the park, there is Lia Restaurant & Convention Hall where they serve cuisine from all over the world. The special buffet arrangement by them is a special attraction for the locals as well as park visitors. In the park, you’ll find cool places like dinosaur-themed spots, Ashulia Castle Restaurant, Aqua Restaurant, and more!


The Fantasy Kingdom Complex is a great place for weddings and meetings. It’s very beautiful and special. If you want the finest room service and facilities around the corner, the Resort Atlantis is your place.

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