Picnic Spots Near Dhaka City for a Short Break

We all deserve a short break every once in a while and picnics are the best activity to enjoy that break. Be it a personal gathering or a professional one, picnics are the best remedy to every exhaustion. To have a day of laughter and fun activities, Fantasy Kingdom is one of the best picnic spots near Dhaka city for a short break.

Fantasy Kingdom Complex is the first-ever amusement park introduced in Bangladesh. Since the beginning of its journey, the park premises have developed equipping newer facilities on the ground. The park is spread over a vast space making it perfectly suitable for any sort of public gathering, especially picnic arrangements.

The park is the best place for arranging a picnic for a number of reasons, one of the main reasons is the specious feature of the park. Apart from the humongous rides all over the park, there are special places allotted for picnic arrangements. There are places to sit or even just roam around the park making it a perfect place for social gatherings.

Another gripping reason for Fantasy Kingdom to be the best in terms of picnic arrangements is the availability of food inside the park. If a party wishes to go for a picnic day out at Fantasy Kingdom they do not need to make arrangements for food outside of the park boundary as there are numerous restaurants available inside the park to cater to their food from cuisines all over the world.

A picnic is not always about the gathering and the food, there are other fun elements to be added to a picnic day to make it more worthwhile. Fantasy Kingdom is well experienced in this regard. The park authorities leave no stone unturned to arrange for indoor and outdoor fun activities for the picnic visitors.

There is a huge stage at the park for arranging cultural functions at any picnic occasion. Other than that the park authorities are always up and about to arrange musical chairs, carom, chess, or other fun activities to keep the visitors entertained.

As a matter of fact, Fantasy Kingdom authority pays extra attention to the picnic visitors at the park. For better convenience for the park visitors, the authority sends out various offers throughout the year. The most popular picnic packages at Fantasy Kingdom are the student package and the corporate package.

Both these packages require a minimum of 20 people to form a group. The entry tickets to the Fantasy Kingdom dry park with ten rides and entry to the Water Kingdom with unlimited rides are included in the package. On top of that, the visitors can customize these packages according to their needs giving them extra privileges.

It is required for a picnic day to be hassle-free for the visitors. Fantasy Kingdom authority is always concerned about their visitors and so, they take up all the responsibilities of arranging a fun and engaging picnic day for the visitors whenever called for. The availability and well containment of Fantasy Kingdom make it one of the best picnic spots near Dhaka city for a short break.