Eid Fun and Celebration at Fantasy Kingdom - Your Perfect Getaway

Eid Fun and Celebration at Fantasy Kingdom – Your Perfect Getaway

Fantasy Kingdom is one of the most popular and sought-after tourist destinations in Bangladesh. This world-class amusement park is the perfect place to spend your Eid vacation with your loved ones. There are many reasons why Fantasy Kingdom should be your first choice for an Eid celebration. In this article, we will discuss why Fantasy Kingdom is the best for Eid Vacation and Celebration.

Fantasy Kingdom – Theme Park

Fantasy Kingdom Theme Park is the crown jewel of the complex. With over 20 thrilling rides and attractions, it offers something for everyone. From adrenaline-pumping roller coasters to family-friendly rides, there is never a dull moment at Fantasy Kingdom. Some of the popular rides include the Boomerang, the Octopus, the Pirate Ship, and the Ferris wheel.

Water Kingdom – Water Park

Water Kingdom Water Park is the perfect place to cool off during the hot summer days. With a range of water attractions such as wave pools, water slides, and lazy rivers, you can enjoy the water with your family and friends. You can also relax in the poolside cabanas or enjoy some delicious snacks from the food court.

Xtreme Racing – Go Kart

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, then you’ll love the Xtreme Racing – Go Kart. It’s a high-speed racing track that lets you test your driving skills against your friends and family. The track is equipped with state-of-the-art go-karts that can reach speeds of up to 60 km/h. It’s a great way to spend some quality time with your loved ones while enjoying the thrill of racing.

Heritage Park

Heritage Park is a unique attraction that showcases the rich culture and history of Bangladesh. It features replicas of ancient monuments and buildings such as the Ahsan Manzil, Lalbagh Fort, and the National Parliament Building. It’s a great place to learn about the country’s rich heritage and history.

Resort Atlantis

If you’re looking for a place to stay during your Eid vacation, then Resort Atlantis is a perfect choice. It’s a luxury resort that offers a range of accommodations such as hotel rooms, villas, and suites. It also features a range of facilities such as a spa, swimming pool, and a restaurant.

Fantasy Kingdom is the best place to spend your Eid vacation and celebration. With its range of attractions, you’ll never run out of things to do. From thrilling rides to cultural attractions, there’s something for everyone. So why wait? Plan your Eid vacation at Fantasy Kingdom and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

activities for spending the holiday

5 Activities for Spending the Holidays at Fantasy Kingdom

Picking up a place to spend the holidays has always been trickier for me than the actual preparation. And activities for spending the holidays are even harder. To find a place where I can spend time with family or friends that too while enjoying various fun activities is quite a search. Luckily, we have Fantasy Kingdom just on the outskirts of Dhaka city, ensuring us a one-spot go-to place for all recreational purposes. Based on my latest visit there, here are 5 activities for spending the holiday at Fantasy Kingdom Complex.

Adventurous Relaxation at Resort Atlantis

A holiday means a break from work and that break requires relaxation but the kids at home are more into a thrilling adventure for their holiday plans. So I booked rooms at the Resort Atlantis just beside Fantasy Kingdom Complex and set our itinerary for an adventurous yet relaxing trip.

Thrilling Water Park Fun

We reached the resort at ten in the morning and enjoyed our complimentary breakfast. Not only was it delicious, but also the quantity was enough to keep our tummies filled till lunchtime. After we were done with breakfast we headed to our second activity, the park visit. The best perk of Resort Atlantis is that the visitors get free tickets to the dry park and the water park along with their resort room bookings. Starting with the water park visit we spent hours having fun on the water rides. The doom slide was one of a kind. For a more soothing experience, I spent most of the time at the Family pool. The cherry on top was that it was the weekend so we could also enjoy a DJ party at the Water Kingdom.

Delightful Dining at Lia Restaurant

We had our lunch at Lia Restaurant and Convention Hall, an affiliated restaurant with Fantasy Kingdom. I must admire the menu at the restaurant, it has something for everyone. But I most liked their Chinese Items. The spicy and savory meal was heartwarming for us.

Enchanting Dry Park Rides

In the second half of the day, we explored the dry park. I was amazed to see their collection of rides at the park. For the adults, they have a Roller Coaster, Bumper Car, Magic Carpet, Santa Maria, etc. rides. My favorite was the Zuzu Train, it has a nostalgic touch to it. The kids enjoyed Speed Way, Highway Convo, Happy Kangaroo, Moving Tower, etc. rides.

Mesmerizing Sunset from the Ferris Wheel

Watching the sunset from the Ferris Wheel was the best decision for this trip. Watching the sun go down from that height was mesmerizing to watch. Then we also visited the Heritage Park, those small monuments of our nation’s historical places strengthened our bond with our roots. The night was magical for me and my family as we spent it doing a BBQ on the courtside. Enjoyed some indoor games that took me closer to my family, and added extra value to our trip. The night stay was pleasant and comfortable but we had to leave in the morning.

Overall the 5 activities for spending the holiday at Fantasy Kingdom were worth it. I highly recommend paying a visit to the Fantasy Kingdom anytime you can manage.

Picnic-Spots-Near-Dhaka-City-for-a-Short Break

Picnic Spots Near Dhaka City for a Short Break

We all deserve a short break every once in a while and picnics are the best activity to enjoy that break. Be it a personal gathering or a professional one, picnics are the best remedy to every exhaustion. To have a day of laughter and fun activities, Fantasy Kingdom is one of the best picnic spots near Dhaka city for a short break.

Fantasy Kingdom Complex is the first-ever amusement park introduced in Bangladesh. Since the beginning of its journey, the park premises have developed equipping newer facilities on the ground. The park covers a vast space, making it perfect for any public gathering, especially picnics.

The park is the best place for arranging a picnic for several reasons, one of the main reasons is the specious features of the park. Besides the huge rides throughout the park, they have set aside special areas for picnics. There are places to sit or even just roam around the park making it a perfect place for social gatherings.

Another gripping reason for Fantasy Kingdom to be the best in terms of picnic arrangements is the availability of food inside the park. If a party wishes to go for a picnic day out at Fantasy Kingdom they do not need to make arrangements for food outside of the park boundary as there are numerous restaurants available inside the park to cater to their food from cuisines all over the world.

Discover the Thrills Beyond Food and Gathering

A picnic isn’t just about food and company. Adding fun activities makes it memorable. Fantasy Kingdom knows this well. The park authorities leave no stone unturned to arrange for indoor and outdoor fun activities for the picnic visitors.

There is a huge stage at the park for arranging cultural functions at any picnic occasion. Other than that the park authorities are always up and about to arrange musical chairs, carom, chess, or other fun activities to keep the visitors entertained.

Fantasy Kingdom authority pays extra attention to the picnic visitors at the park. For better convenience for the park visitors, the authority sends out various offers throughout the year. The most popular picnic packages at Fantasy Kingdom are the student package and the corporate package.

Both these packages require a minimum of 20 people to form a group. The package includes entry tickets to the Fantasy Kingdom dry park with ten rides and unlimited rides at the Water Kingdom. On top of that, the visitors can customize these packages according to their needs giving them extra privileges.

It is required for a picnic day to be hassle-free for the visitors. Fantasy Kingdom always prioritizes its visitors. They handle all picnic arrangements when needed. Fantasy Kingdom’s features rank it among the top picnic spots near Dhaka for quick getaways.

Details to Know Before Coming to Fantasy Kingdom

5 Details to Know Before Coming to Fantasy Kingdom

Planning for your first trip to Fantasy Kingdom Complex? Maybe it has been a while since the last time you have been to the park. In a case like this, you must know the nooks and corners of the park for a vacation of the fullest enjoyment. Here is a list of 5 details to know before coming to Fantasy Kingdom about what you can expect here. This guide covers information on transportation, the best dining in the area, packing details, and tips for visiting with family.


Fantasy Kingdom Complex is situated in one of the most unique locations in the country. Right on the edge of the capital, Dhaka city, the park entertains all the necessary transportation systems within reach. You can reach there on your private transportation or hire a bus for larger arrangements such as picnics or other social gatherings.

The park is located within the limits of the city which makes it easily accessible by all. But it is a long way from the city hustle keeping the park premises aloof from the bustling chaos. For this very reason, this is considered the best amusement park near Dhaka.


It will be news for you that Fantasy Kingdom Complex has added a brand new staycation facility in the park premises, Resort Atlantis. It is a three-star resort that incorporates almost 60 rooms for the visitors to have a night stay. On top of that, the resort residents get free tickets to the dry park and water kingdom.

With breathtaking views of the park, the rooms at Resort Atlantis contain all the luxury utilities. The resort also offers a complimentary breakfast. 24/7 room service, Wi-Fi facility, ensuite geyser, and air-conditioned rooms all are available here at Resort Atlantis.

Modern and stylish

Fantasy Kingdom Complex is a 20-year-old project but the looks of it are ever-new. The rides at the park are world-class, therefore even after serving for all these years the park still has its new glow. Spreading through a vast piece of land, the park radiates the vibes of a modern amusement park.

An amazing blend of modernism and traditional touch is the Fantasy Kingdom. The park is split into a dry spark, a water park, a go-kart track, and a Heritage Park. The dry park and the water park both are popular for their amazing rides. Xtreme Racing is the first and the best Go-kart track in Bangladesh and Heritage Park embodies the miniature monuments of the historical places of our nation.


Water park

One of the finest attractions of the Fantasy Kingdom Complex is the Water Kingdom. It is a specialized water park loaded with exciting water rides. The visitors of the park can enjoy all the cool rides like the wave pool, tube slide, doom slide, lazy river, rocking zone, etc. If you visit the park on Friday or Saturday you can enjoy a DJ party as well.

The specialty of the park is such, that it is fit for all ages and demographics. There is a separate playing zone for the kids and other members of the family. The more thrilling rides require certain age restrictions to maintain safety measures.

Multiple dining options

Fantasy Kingdom Complex is an all-encompassing entity. Not only vast seating arrangements and picnic spots, but the park also includes multiple dining options. Therefore it is easier for the visitors to keep energized throughout their whole day visit to the park.

Right beside the park, there is Lia Restaurant & Convention Hall where they serve cuisine from all over the world. The special buffet arrangement by them is a special attraction for the locals as well as park visitors. In the park, you’ll find cool places like dinosaur-themed spots, Ashulia Castle Restaurant, Aqua Restaurant, and more!


The Fantasy Kingdom Complex is a great place for weddings and meetings. It’s very beautiful and special. If you want the finest room service and facilities around the corner, the Resort Atlantis is your place.

Best Place for Corporate Gatherings : Host Your Business Event at Fantasy Kingdom

The Fantasy Kingdom is an all-in-one entertainment venture for all recreational activities in Dhaka. Apart from world-class dry park rides, the Water Kingdom, Heritage Park and Xtreme racing for go-karting make it the best place for corporate gatherings.

Unlike machines, humans need recreational breaks from time to time for good hormones to work properly. After a hectic week at work, we all want a space to vent out our exhaust and have a delightful time. Fantasy Kingdom is the best place for corporate gatherings that can rejuvenate us back to life to start it all over again.

Even finding a good recreational spot that offers both adventure rides and relaxation opportunities for a corporate day out can be quite troublesome these days. Thinking of starting a day with a refreshing morning followed by exciting rides, soulful lunch with coworkers, having fun, and ending it with a BBQ party? All of that is now available in one spot, Fantasy Kingdom Complex.

Fantasy Kingdom Location and Offerings

The international standard amusement park, Fantasy Kingdom, is located in Ashulia, Savar, along with its three other wings: Water Kingdom, Heritage Park, and Xtreme Racing. There is also Resort Atlantis on the premises for a pleasant night’s stay. In 2002 the Government declared the park a tourist spot open for all.

Setting the Gold Standard

Unlike any typical theme park, Fantasy Kingdom has marked its name higher with its out-of-the-box service ideas. In the Fantasy Kingdom, Water Park, Heritage Park, and Xtreme Racing offer more than just some mere rides which makes them unique in the industry.

Moreover, it is the best place for any sort of corporate outing or picnic spot. Many huge corporate conglomerates, renowned organizations, banks, or multinational companies have chosen the Fantasy Kingdom several times over the years for their corporate day or annual picnic. This is their trusted place to get rid of their monotonous daily life.

How the Fantasy Kingdom is the best place for corporate gatherings?


Other than the exciting rides at the park there are services dedicated to a corporate day out, school picnics, meetings, seminars and events, wedding parties, birthday parties, concerts, and DJ shows along with BBQ parties at the premises. To execute them properly they have included facilities like a convention hall, party center, restaurants, and a resort.

In the Fantasy Kingdom Complex one can find:

  • Party Center Convention Hall.
  • Lia Restaurant & Convention Hall.
  • Ashulia Castle.
  • Water Tower Cafe.
  • Aqua Restaurant.
  • Resort Atlantis.

The other facilities include

  • Live BBQ Station.
  • Separate Space for cultural programs.
  • DJ Shows.
  • 3D Movie Theater.

Other than these Convention Hall, Restaurants, or Party Centers one can also arrange their picnic or other programs in the Heritage Park, Parking C, or Palki (a seating arrangement for picnics or parties). All these places are designed specially to have the capacity for a large number of guests.

The exclusive restaurants at the Fantasy Kingdom premises offer a wide range of cuisines around the world. There is also an option for buffet service for a large number of people in these restaurants. The good part is that the host does not have to go through any hassle to arrange the program, everything is precisely done by the operation team of Fantasy Kingdom. All they have to do is provide the information and decide on the menu and place.

For the corporate events alongside the rides, there are also arrangements for other fun activities. Upon requisition, the operation team can arrange for a variety of games like musical chairs, pillow passes, cup games, or any other game of your choice.

Your search for a corporate day-out venue with various recreational activities under one roof ends here at the Fantasy Kingdom. Have a fun day with corporate colleagues and co-workers leaving the worries to reach different destinations for different activities. Visit the official website of Fantasy Kingdom and book the date now!


Quality Entertainment at Fantasy Kingdom Keeping Students Far From Mobile Phones

The present generation of students relies so heavily on electronic devices for entertainment that they struggle to leave the virtual world and engage with those around them. It is also true that the changing infrastructure of our society does not allow these young minds to explore as much as they used to. But quality entertainment at Fantasy Kingdom can rejuvenate their spirits and expose themselves to a different form of entertainment keeping students far from their mobile phones.

Already known as the most popular destination for recreational activities, Fantasy Kingdom Complex offers not only a dry park section but also Water Kingdom Concord for water rides, Xtreme Racing for go-karting, Heritage Park in remembrance of our history, and Resort Atlantis for relaxing night out experience.

Escape to Fantasy Kingdom Complex: Your Ultimate Adventure Destination


Quality entertainment at Fantasy Kingdom

Entangled in the wireless world, we all need a proper break where we can socialize and also have fun. For a chilled and refreshing day-out experience, people living in Dhaka think of Fantasy Kingdom Complex as their first choice. For annual picnics, family day outs, corporate gatherings, or enjoying concerts Fantasy Kingdom is the unparalleled adventure destination on the edge of Dhaka.

Designated as a tourist spot in 2002, Fantasy Kingdom Complex embodies all that one needs to spend a fun day with their favorite people. Starting the day with a bunch of thrilling rides and continuing through the water rides the students can also get access to delicious food items and end the day with a luxurious night’s stay here which will surely make them forget about the virtual world they dwell in.

Since its establishment, the park authorities have spread their services through Water Kingdom Concord as a water-specialized park, Heritage Park as a traditional park, and Xtreme Racing as a Go-karting track. The park also offers a 3-star resort called Resort Atlantis where visitors can stay and relax overnight.

Unleash Your Adventure: Fantasy Kingdom Complex Awaits!

What makes Fantasy Kingdom Complex a unique theme park is the comprehensive range of services they provide. The park is well renowned for its adventure rides but there is more on the list. It is the best place for any sort of public gathering or picnic. People choose the spot for corporate meetings, annual picnics, birthday or wedding functions, concerts, etc. To execute them properly they have included facilities like a convention hall, party center, restaurants, and a resort. The park premises are also fit for arranging DJ shows along with BBQ parties.

Serving mouthwatering food from a wide range of cuisines is one of the greatest attractions of Fantasy Kingdom Complex. The authority has built up multiple restaurants and cafes inside the park premises to provide visitors with ample delicious food. There are Lia Restaurant & Convention Hall, Ashulia Castel, Water Tower Cafe, and Aqua Restaurant to keep you entertained with your choice of food.

Any public place for student gatherings requires proper security scrutiny to avoid any accidents. Fantasy Kingdom Complex is the most secure amusement park in Dhaka. With the 24/7 surveillance system, the park authority leaves no stone unturned to keep the park fit for the young generation. The location, attraction elements, weather-friendly structure, security speculation, etc. make the park environment attractive enough for young students to have a pleasant time out of their virtual life on their mobile phones.


Today’s students are addicted to mobile phones because they can access numerous entertainment functions easily. Fantasy Kingdom Complex is the only adventure space where they can enjoy quality entertainment and have a fulfilling day. As a result, the park is also extending its wings with Water Kingdom Concord, Xtreme Racing, and Heritage Park. Altogether the park complex has become one of the most visited tourist spots in the present day.

lia restaurant and convention hall

Lia Restaurant and Convention Hall: Finest dining on the outskirts of Dhaka

The food industry in Bangladesh is a flourishing one worth millions of dollars. Restaurants in Dhaka are increasing like wildflowers. Considering the food, facilities, services, and overall ambiance, we can decide what makes a restaurant a good restaurant. The outskirts of Dhaka offer great restaurants despite challenges like communication or facility shortages. Lia Restaurant and Convention Hall, near Dhaka’s border, is renowned for its top-notch dining.

Lia Restaurant and Convention Hall

Fundamentally, a good restaurant is identified by the reviews from the visiting people. Lia Restaurant and Convention Hall has been a game changer for the local people at Savar. Bringing them the best possible facilities there with astonishingly good food, the restaurant has made its place in the hearts of the local people and visitors from far away.

Food to Remember By

The primary attraction of a restaurant is the food that they serve. If you can serve food that has a longer-lasting effect on people’s taste buds and memories, your business will surely succeed. At Lia Restaurant, they are making their name by serving quality food to their customers successfully. They serve food from different cuisines and the most delicious ones in restaurants outside Dhaka.

Serve With a Smile

The essential characteristic of a successful restaurant is the service they provide and how they provide it. You would not want to dine in a restaurant where the servers are rude or insensitive or take forever to serve. Good that Lia Restaurant is very attentive to its customers. They ensure that the customers have a good experience every time they visit with their humble staff, on-time delivery, and cordiality.

Ambiance Creates the Impression

There is no better complement to good food than a peaceful ambiance. Restaurant owners must create a clean and relaxed atmosphere for their restaurants to grow. Lia restaurant and convention hall did a magic trick by designing their restaurant lavishly with luxury decor and a classy look. Such a well-maintained restaurant is hard to find outside Dhaka in Bangladesh.

Different from the Rest

Every successful restaurant must have a unique selling point. One can focus on any specific food item or create an outstanding ambiance. Lia Restaurant and Convention Hall have concentrated on developing a convention hall adjacent to the restaurant that caters to their social gathering requirements. A proper air-conditioned hall with amiable seating and world-class facilities is the much-needed service the people there needed. Catering to what the customers need, Lia Restaurant and Convention Hall cleared their name as the finest dining on the outskirts of Dhaka.

When it comes to the restaurant business, even the most minor details can make or break the deal. Having a good restaurant with all the modern features available takes a lot of work to find on the outskirts of Dhaka. Lia Restaurant and Convention Hall is the game changer in this case.

5 Reasons Why Fantasy Kingdom Complex is the Best Amusement Park Near Dhaka

Whenever we picture an amusement park we see vast open space, various rides, delicious food, and uncountable facilities. But what if I tell you there is more to an amusement park that can truly amuse the people visiting? Fantasy Kingdom Complex has set such an example right on the edge of Dhaka.

Fantasy Kingdom came into being back in 2002 and since then it has been the best theme park existing in the nation. There is a list of factors for such an honor but we are discussing here 5 reasons why Fantasy Kingdom Complex is the best amusement park near Dhaka.

One Place for All-Age

Why Fantasy Kingdom Complex is the Best Amusement

That’s right, Fantasy Kingdom is a place where there is something for everyone. The park is designed to delight people of all ages. There are more than 20 rides for both adults and kids. Adults can enjoy Roller Coaster, Bumper Car, Magic Carpet, or Santa Maria whereas for kids there are Speed Way, Sky Hopper, Sun & Moon, Pony Adventure, etc.

If I tell you that it’s not just one theme park but a collection of four distinct parks, don’t be surprised. Fantasy Kingdom Complex offers rides for both kids and adults. Water Kingdom provides thrilling water rides. At Xtreme Racing, you can experience adventurous track racing. And Heritage Park helps you connect with our heritage and culture.

Place for Relaxation 

The most unique attraction of Fantasy Kingdom Complex is that they go over the top to provide services to their visitors. It takes a whole day for any visitor who wishes to enjoy all the rides at Fantasy Kingdom Complex and Water Kingdom. So it becomes obvious for them to look for a place to stay the night before they can get back to city life.

With this view, Fantasy Kingdom has an affiliated resort comprising 60 rooms named Resort Atlantis where the visitors can stay the night. The resort features all the modern amenities, and our attentive staff ensures every detail is taken care of for our guests.

Designed to Amaze

One of Fantasy Kingdom’s unsung heroes is the design of the park. The entire complex covers a vast expanse of land. However, designers meticulously scrutinized the park’s design. There is a grand entrance gate at the park, the great attractions lie on the other side.

The rides are not too far away from each other, so you will not get tired just by moving from one side to the other. There are shades at every corner of the park for the people to take a break from the scorching heat. The whole park is under surveillance cameras and park authorities are roaming everywhere to stop any criminal activity from taking place.

The Thematic Touch

A successful theme park has to have a theme, to begin with, something that would amuse the visitors and also be thrilling. The theme of Fantasy Kingdom is to take us back to the land of dinosaurs which is informative to the elders and attractive to the youngsters.

The age of Dinosaurs is the central theme of Fantasy Kingdom. On every corner of the park, you would see statues of dinosaurs and other animals of the Age of Dinosaurs. There are also statues of little kids wearing ancient clothes to improvise the theme.

Something for the Hungry Tummies

No great time is truly complete if not accompanied by appetizing food. The Fantasy Kingdom caters to the food requirements of people of all tastes. There are particular locations both inside and outside the complex to provide the visitors with their choice of food.

There is Lia Restaurant and Convention Hall right outside the theme park where you can have food from various cuisines. Or you can devour the Thai and International menu at the dinosaur-themed restaurant, Ashulia Castle Restaurant. Even in-between rides you can taste their mouthwatering spicy fried chicken, burgers, and fries at the Roller Coaster Station.

There are surely more than only these 5 reasons why Fantasy Kingdom Complex is the best amusement park near Dhaka. The location, attraction elements, weather-friendly structure, security speculation, etc. contribute to the cause. If you are planning on having an amazing experience with your friends and family go visit Fantasy Kingdom Complex as soon as possible.