Theme Park Fun Activities at Fantasy Kingdom

10 Theme Park Fun Activities at Fantasy Kingdom

Fantasy Kingdom is the largest and first Theme Park in Bangladesh. It is one of the country’s most magnificent amusement parks and a popular tourist destination. South Asia had never seen an amusement park built of this magnitude before. To get amused in the world of fun, imagination, devotion, and the magical world of Ashu and Lia, the sculptors have brought this world of entertainment and thrills to reality. It’s currently a popular spot for group trips, picnics, and corporate or family outings.

The Fantasy Kingdom started with Prince Ashu, Princess Lia, and their animal friends Zuzu, Bobo, Zipper, and Bangasaur who are always at the park welcoming everyone with a smile. Oh, and they have many game for you! According to legend, the residents of Prince Ashu’s realm had forgotten how to smile, and the mystical Kingdom was lost many years ago. After that, it mysteriously resurfaced in Ashulia many years later. Fantasy Kingdom is a lot of fun, interesting, and lots of smiles! Ashu and Lia, as well as their zany pals Zuzu, Bobo, Zipper, and Bangasaur [a Bangladeshi dinosaur! ], will shake your world.

Fantasy Kingdom Theme Park fun activities

This Fantasy Kingdom offers a variety of entertaining activities for visitors of all ages. It includes a variety of activities that will provide you with a pleasant experience that will never tire you. Come let us know what can we do here in a day!

Roller Coaster

For lovers of heart-thumping adventures, the roller coaster will take you on the ride of your life-giving you an aerial view of the entire park.

Xtreme Racing- Go-Kart track

Xtreme Racing is a world-class Go-Kart track next to Fantasy Kingdom in Ashulia. It is the first of its kind in Bangladesh.

Wave Pool

Wave Pool is a tidal wave of pleasure. On this massive half-million-gallon wave pool with three-to-four-foot waves, guests may either body surf or float up and down in inner tubes.

Bumper Car

At Fantasy Kingdom, electric bumper cars are a great success. Put this ride at the top of your Fun Guide’s list and get behind the wheel right now.

Heritage Park

Discover the rich history and culture of Bangladesh in Heritage Corner, you will be amazed at the replica monuments and thrilled by the rides. Visit our Heritage Park page.


9D games are the next-generation technology offering game lovers a remarkably immersive experience bringing the latest technology into reality.

Resort Atlantis

This is an Escape to a fabulous resort in a location where spectacular landscapes, historical wonders, magnificent environment, and adventurous rides promise to create memories for a lifetime.

Ferris Wheel

When you’re on the Ferris Wheel, you feel like you’re on top of the world. Take your gondola-shaped cabin to new heights while looking out over the entire park.

Magic Carpet

Bangasaur’s favorite ride. A maximum-intensity ride that will knock your socks off. Don’t eat before getting on this one!

Santa Maria

You’ll know how those poor sailors felt on the seven seas – they must have been SCARED!

BONUS !!!!!

Zuzu Train: Everyone can climb aboard this colorful train, just the right size for youngsters and their families, to take a mini-tour of the park.

This is not all there are attractive packages available at the park that include meals, presents, entertainment, and transportation to and from the park. There are also facilities for organizing a conference, annual general meeting, or any other company event, a birthday, wedding, or any other family celebration, a picture session, or a film shoot. This is a full-day retreat that will bring you delight and enjoyment while filling your life with adventure, relaxation, and happiness.

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